Nowadays the IT infrastructure of companies is very complex and seldom simple to maintain. The same applies for industrial plants, where the control components (sensors, actuators) are interconnected as well. Preventing espionage, sabotage and manipulation of these systems is important to ensure a high availability and a flawless operation. Guarding the own company and the own industrial plant against these risks, requires the planning of appropriate countermeasures beforehand. We support our customers by performing a risk analysis, searching for vulnerabilities and implementing the necessary changes.

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IT-Security | Concepts | Security Lifecycle Management | Penetration Testing

IT-Security & Data-Security has the aim to protect (sensible) information while it is transmitted, stored or processed by electronic components. Spektrum Ingenieurgesellschaft is developing concepts and software which prevent our customers from being victims of cyberattacks and suffering from the consequences. We offer: CyberSecurityChallenges

  • Analysis and validation of critical company IT-Infrastructure
  • Analysis and validation of industrial IT-Infrastructure: Industrial control systems, industrial manufacturing plants, Industrial IT-Infrastructure
  • Risk analysis and threat management
  • Security Lifecycle Management
  • Penetration Testing and analysis of the current infrastructure (Insider/Outsider Attacks)
  • Requirements engineering and planning before establishing a new company IT-Infrastructure
  • Implementing security components and threat management systems
  • Case-based risk analysis when using Cloud-Infrastructure, SaaS & Industry 4.0 applications

Protecting the company IT-Infrastructure requires a whole concept covering all internal and external devices and resources. With increased complexity in the overall architecture the more important it becomes to implement business processes which continuously check and monitor all critical infrastructure-nodes.