Data analysis iconA reliable and safe operation of software-based systems or complex infrastructures often is a challenging task. Predefined parameters have to be monitored and checked continuously to predict failures and to define maintenance intervals. We, Spektrum Ingenieurgesellschaft, identify these parameters, define the appropriate service intervals and give servicing-recommendations.

Our products can be equipped with remote-access-modules which allow to check the system’s status independently from their physical location. Distributed or de-centralized systems can log their operation-critical data to a central location and the responsible department can access and check the data, as well.

We offer the following services to support our customers:

  • Software related analysis regarding execution time, best suited hardware architecture, memory usage and algorithm efficiency
  • Measurement and analysis of data exchange (performance/network throughput) between distributed systems, identifying the bottleneck
  • Prediction of failures by monitoring the operation and evaluating the critical parameters, notifying the corresponding department and defining servicing-cases
  • Simulation and high-stress load test before installing the system and productive launch
  • Defining tolerance parameters and warning levels
  • Automatically notifying the responsible department in case of a failure or reaching a critical alarm level
  • Additional parameters according to the project’s requirements

To cover the above mentioned requirements, we recommend using IoT and edge devices to transmit the critical values into the cloud and directly to the appropriate department (either inside or outside the own company). We design, implement and configure whole IoT applications and architectures according to the needs.

In cases, where high security is demanded, edge devices can be implemented and set up to perform data analysis tasks locally. No data will leave the company to ensure a higher level of security.